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lillou and sharon sunnies, top and skirt
vintage purse (seen here) and heels 
(all items are for sale)

 i'm about to start school in 4 days
i'm going to study visual communications (aka graphic design etc.)

last night we had a start-of-the-year event
i ran into 2 of my high-school classmates
i can't believe it's been ten years since my first day in high-school
i can't believe i'm about to embark on a four year journey of college studies
i'm sort of in denial
it's scary! 

i also don't have any cool photo editing programs on my
very cool computer (i heart my mac!)
so in the meanwhile
i'm testing the abilities of my iphoto 

since i don't suntan, well, basically ever
i decided to give myself a "burn" using the iphoto tools
well, if not myself then the photos themselves
like it? 
and how about the flying fish?

last reminder - the sale starts tomorrow! 


3 תגובות:

sefi אמר/ה...

מהממת! שיהיה בהצלחה בלימודים ובמכירה!

lillou אמר/ה...

תודה בובה :) מקווה לראות אותך שם!
ולמקרה שלא טיקבקטי איפשהו כבר - היית בין המתלבשות המוצלחות באירוע הפתיחה של שבוע האופנה...!

FicusTree אמר/ה...

The blouse and the flying fish are great!


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