barcelona \\ tel aviv \\ #1

shades, top, skirt and bracelets - all by lillou & sharon,
sharon danon necklaces, 
vintage belt, purse and heels (all the items are for sale)

after the success of our first sale
sharon and i are making another one
just in time for fall
this time - we hand picked items from boutiques in barcelona

we are also selling jewelry we designed ourselves 

and a few well preserved vintage items

can't wait to see you there! 

also - i teamed up with dreedtea
for a series of articles i'm writing
the first one was published today!
and to make my day even better
one of my looks appeared in fashion forward today, too!
have a great week and happy sukkot!


3 תגובות:

Dreed*Tea אמר/ה...

Dreed*Tea loves your post you did for us and loves these items--and congrats on fashion forward!

lillou אמר/ה...

thanks ladies
what a great day :)

Anastasia אמר/ה...

Sounds good...


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