\\ 5 \\ things that make me happy \\

* finding out that the gifted guy gil named a necklace after me *
(and it has so many bows! oh!) 

* this ring, which used to be a fork, made by gabi elnoam *
(bought at the nachlat binyamin arts market)

* this picture i took of swarley mid-jump *

* smiles in random places - this one; at rothchiled ave., tel aviv *

* writing and receiving (uhhm, jesse) letters to and from my love *


an extra - because it's too cute to be true:

* a hug between swarley (top) and beba (bottom) at the office *


תגובה 1:

Jade אמר/ה...

השרשרת מדהימה!!! התמונה של העץ ברוטשילד והתמונה האחרונה של הכלבים לא יכולות שלא להעלות חיוך :)


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