\\ the fascinator fashionista \\ back with a bang \\

wearing zara top, jacket and skirt, guy gil  fascinator,
diesel heals, vintage jewellery, vintage italian bag

yesterday i went to the third day of the tel aviv gindi fashion week.
it's been a while since the last time i felt glamorous,
so i wanted to really go all out
and i think i really hit the spot :)
people wouldn't put their camera's down, woot woot! 
i felt like a star ***

my fascinator was custom made for me by the mega talented
(it has a bambi on it! and berries! how lovely and sweet... )
who is so super awesome, and is becoming a close friend.
you are about to see more and more of him here on the blog

with la belle morgane

with sweet luba

photos thanks to the wonderful sigalit the lovely roni from pinkwithstyle
the classy morgane
and also - michurra and fashiontelaviv on instagram



טוד אמר/ה...


*Maja* אמר/ה...

טוב את נראית כל כך טוב! לא יאומן שעוד לא הצלחנו להיפגש, אני כל כך מתגעגעת!

הוורוד מעולה וגם הקשת הזו, מברוק!


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