\\ birthday suit up! \\

vintage suit, repetto flats, bag from italy, 
gifted guy gil fascinator, vintage jewellery

yesterday was my 27th birthday.
my best birthday yet :)
i got to sleep in (which i'm embarrassed to say, means sleeping only until 8:30 am)
while jesse woke up early to feed alma and take her to kindergarten 
(she started going two weeks ago)
and then, we had brunch at the sweetest little coffee shop - 
"petit cafe" in the florentine neighbourhood.
we discovered it when we lived there in the summer,
while renovating our apartment, and we fell in love with the place...
the place itself is intimate and lovely
and they have the most amazing dishes!
(it might have something to do with the fact that they belong
to a catering company. their food is *to die for!*)  
we knew we were going to have the eggplant and feta cheese roles (yum!!!)
and their most divine french toast for dessert (drooling, still...)
[in fact, it was so divine, that jesse asked me if i wanted to lick the plate
when there was nothing left on it but caramel,
 and i told him "no...but only because we're not at home"]
and we also shared a heavenly dish of pasta)
i can't wait to go back there... 
in the evening, we went to my cousin's wedding 
with my parents, my grandma, and alma.
it was a really nice wedding, and it was nice to see distant relatives
 i haven't seen in a long time
and have a great opportunity to dress up and dance with my baby, my love and my parents,
and i'll be celebrating with friends as well soon.
what more can i ask for?

may every year start this amazingly!

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