\\ bump style \\ 26 weeks \\

hat - shenkin street tel aviv, shades - asos, earrings - kao jewelry (a birthday gift), 
top - castro, necklace - family heirloom, pants - avishag arbel, heels - zara

my, how time flies!
i'm already 26 weeks into the pregnancy
which means - the third trimester is right around the corner;
scary and exciting....
shrimpy is kicking like crazy (it's the best feeling ever)
and is "acing" all of her tests and scans

two days ago, my stepsister gave birth to a baby girl
which put my mom (aka "savtush") in the best mood
so she told me she wanted to pamper me, and buy me a dress...

after leaving zara empty-handed
(a relatively rare occasion, when it comes to my mom and me)
she suggested we'd go to a maternity store.
honestly - i wasn't very excited about it.
i had an image of old, outdated, over-priced items.
but being the good doughtier that i am - i humored her, and off we went
to the tel-aviv branch of avishag arbel

almost two hours, four dresses, and one pair of extremely comfy pants later
we exited the store ;)
and finally, i can stop complaining that i have nothing to wear
(which was honest-to-god true, until yesterday:
i stored about 85 percent of my wardrobe
on the highest shelves of our closet, 
because they failed to fit me and my growing belly -  
out of sight, out of mind...right?)


i have to give many many (many!) compliments
to both the clothes and the staff at the avishag arbel store:
the materials are really high-quality and comfortable,
there are many styles to choose from,
most of the items come in many colors and patterns
and the prices are actually quite reasonable!
the staff is so nice and professional, i had such a good time shopping there!
(which is saying something;
when you're feeling big and awkward
and your body is changing and you're not accustomed to your shape,
it's really easy to give up in advance, and get in a negative mood.
but yesterday was pure fun!)

have a happy monday!

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Lace and Chiffon - Fashion blog - בלוג אופנה ישראלי אמר/ה...

בובה איזו מהממת את! :)

*Maja* אמר/ה...

שומדבר בך לא נראה אוקוורד
את נראית נפלא ואני מרוגשת ומתגעגעת!

נשיקות נשיקות נשיקות
(גם לשרימפי)

נגה אמר/ה...

פשוט מקסים!!
את נראית נפלא, החיוך שלך בתמונה הראשונה מזכיר לי תמונה של מרלין מונרו...

אנונימי אמר/ה...

את מהממת
וכנראה יש לך גם אמא מדההימה.
מאיפה שרשרת המלאך המשגעת?

vanillabean אמר/ה...

את נראית מצויין והאאוטפיט שלך מקסים!
זה קצת מלחיץ אותי שאת בגילי וכבר בהריון :)
המון בהצלחה וחג שמח!


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