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it might be the warm weather
that's reminding me that yet another summer is fast approaching
or maybe it's the fact that i'm about to get
to a new stage in my life
but for some reason
i keep reminiscing about the 90's.
that's the decade i grew up in - 
my first memories
my first crush
and many other bittersweet firsts...
so naturally, my current playlist
contains some of my 90's favorites.
here is a taste:

i remember thinking that liv and alicia are the *coolest* wildest prettiest girls ever
and frankly - i still do
i wished i could be as free-spirited as them
and i probably always will continue wishing it, secretly... :)

nina persson is a goddess, and that's all i have to say about this

i love videos that are as simple and minimalistic as this one
and this song is pure perfection.
it has been one of my top 10
since the first time i heard it

i have this thing - i can hear the first 2 seconds of a song
i haven't heard in 15 years, and remember the lyrics by heart
as if i only memorized them a day before.
this week, on a long car-ride to jerusalem
i thought of this song, looked it up on youtube
and had so much fun singing it as loud as i can :)

jarvis cocker, you are my hero
(i've always had a soft spot for nerdy guys...being the nerd that i am)

have a super duper amazing week

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