\\ never too late \\

dress - asos (seen here), coat - emanuel, boots - steve madden (seen here)
bag - aderet, umbrella and necklace - h&m,

i shot this post a while ago
but i just didn't find the right time
(and the right words)
to post it

but now, when all sorts of new things are happening,
it's time for me to be more on top of things
(which, frankly, i used to be, until the pregnancy fatigue kicked in)
so i'm being a responsible mama :)

in the meanwhile, until our human shrimp arrives
we also have two furry shrimps to take care of,
to cuddle with
(boy or boy, they are such expert cuddlers!)

have a great and sunny elections day
and cuddle as much as possible!

3 תגובות:

*Maja* אמר/ה...

שמלה מקסימה, מספיק לעבוד עלינו, אני רוצה תמונות עדכניות :)

lillou אמר/ה...

ממש ממש אוטוטו אעדכן :)

LookinFab אמר/ה...

אתם חמודים! :)
ואצלנו השרימפ היה דג זהב :)))


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