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hi everyone
these past few days haven't been easy for anyone here in israel

with missiles being fired and not always intercepted successfully
with having to go down to the shelter
when the sirens go off
with injured people
and also with fatality
on both sides

today there was a terror attack in tel aviv
a bus exploded
and dosens of people were hurt
hopefully they will all get better real quick

in times like these all i want to do is get
into a fetal position
and climb back into my mom's womb

but unfortunately, i can't do that
(and trust me, i've tried!)

so instead, i do my homework
walk my dog
hug my husband
and continue living and loving

here is my third attempt at animation
for school

above - my bedroom for perspective sketching class
as seen from above
(work in progress)

have a better week
and hug your loved ones



*Maja* אמר/ה...

אהובה שלי פסוט מקסים ואופטימי מקווה שהמצב ישתפר עד שאשוב..;)

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מקווה שהמצב ישתפר בקרוב מאד...



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