\\ something borrowed \\ something new \\

dress - borrowed, bag - zara, earrings - gifted (from nyc),
belt - zara, heels - diesel, necklace - lucky no. 2, bangle - vintage

it was a little over 2.5 years ago
our eyes interlocked
over the crowded room at that wedding
and we fell in love.
 that's the story of how i met
my sister in law :)

she arrived to israel last week
and she is staying over
which means we get to spend a lot of time together
(meaning - a lot of girls' nights, and a lot of firsts;
we took swarley to the beach for the first time the other day...)
and it also means i get to wear a lot of her amazing clothes
(i can't guarantee all of said clothes will return with her to the usa) 

nora has an exceptionally amazing taste in clothes
and she is a super talented cook
and i absolutely adore her :)
lucky me, we're not only friends - we're family!
i love you, schves!

and since i'm telling you about my family and fashion...
my 90 years old grandma
(the same one who hand sewed the swim suit top i wore here
went shopping with my mom today
(which is a rare enough occasion on its own)
and got her very first pair of jeans ever!
did i mention she's 90??
i think that's pretty awesome!
it's also a good opportunity to thank her again
for this bag she got me
which, as per usual, is fulfilling it's purpose
as my very own mary poppins bag

i also decided to platinum-bleach my hair
i wanted to get some hollywood glam
do you like it?

have a great tuesday!

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