\\ unlikely meets zigzag \\

i'm wearing: asos top, vintage ray ban shades and belt,
castro skirt, necklace made by me,
gifted flats and tote from italy

maya's wearing: asos shorts bag and sandals,
s-wear top, dior shades, h&m earrings and belt

a couple of days ago, the highly-unlikely maya and i
went on a really fun date in tel aviv
we saw some cool (and sometimes weird) things that day
first example - this motorcycle with sidecar, seen above

these crazy jeffrey campbells
that were insanely high, insanely heavy, and..well, just insane

maya actually had to bend over in order to talk with me.
did i mention they were insane?

we chose one of the small side-streets for our photo-shoot
it had old buildings with old and colorful mailboxes

a beautiful old door that wasn't even in use anymore,
it just leaned on the wall
i wanted to take it home
and take good care of it... 

and of course - it had

i had a cinderella moment - 
trying to put my shoes on for the pictures
(a tip for next time - don't wear new shoes
for a long day of walking
especially not when it's so hot outside!)

i made this necklace (in a bunch of color combinations)
with materials i got on etsy
i gave my mom a couple of the necklaces
and she is getting compliments on them all the time!
so easy and inexpensive - and such a great addition to any look :) 

maya showed off her long legs in an asos based outfit
i'm expecting to get a package from asos too!
my amazing jesse got me a belated birthday gift...
sweet shmove!

i just had to take this picture of maya's feet
with the cat paws prints 

and of course -
my mom got me this bag on her vacation
in san remo
how awesome is this rabbit!
i got this horse in an old tiny shop
in south tel aviv
that sells nothing but brushes of all kinds and shapes
i'm going to paint it in a vibrant color
and find a nice place for it at home

i hope you enjoyed our date :)


*Maja* אמר/ה...

טוב גברת שלומית המרירה יכולה להמשיך לכתוב שטויות על בלוגריות שמנסות לעשות פה משהו חדש, בינתיים אנחנו נטפח את החברות שלנו, את קריירת העיצוב שלנו וכמובן את הבלוגים המצליחים שלנו.

לילו את מדהימה, אוהבת המון ומחכה לדייט הבא

Denisse אמר/ה...

זוג מוצלח חחחח


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