\\ a kind request \\

hello to all of my lovely readers
i don't usually do this
but it's important - it's for a final project
for one of my classes in school

i'd really appreciate it
if you could "like"
a facebook page
that we made for the fictional product
called "replicanol"

here is the link:

thank you! 

3 תגובות:

*Maja* אמר/ה...

נו אחותי געגועים לפוסטים צבעוניים ולבישים, אה כן ולקפה קר איתך

MissPlayground אמר/ה...

done it, though I've got no idea what is it about!:)

lillou אמר/ה...

thanks honey :)
it was for school
did you like the video?


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