\\ the ellen show \\

prada baroque shades, vintage body, zara blazer,
shelly dahari necklace, asos shorts (seen here),
ellen ruben purse, idit vintage rings, castro heels

 the end of this school year is coming up
and i can't wait to get to just sit, kick back, and relax 

in the meanwhile
i'm having a grey's anatomy marathon
(mainly listening to the audio)
while working on my projects,
i'm helping my parents set up in their
freshly renovated apartment (mazal tov!)
while neglecting our apartment a little bit
(i'm not wonder woman, though i'm trying my hardest)

and i'm raiding my mom's wardrobe :)
this purse is a work of art
made by the gifted ellen ruben
(as seen in this post)

today, i also went with my mom
to our favorite makeup shop
mac cosmetics, of course :)
we both got free lipsticks
thanks to the back to mac program 
(you return 6 mac cosmetic packages and get a free lipstick).
i got "lady danger" - a tangerine shade
which resembles the shade of these shorts 
(i'm not wearing it in the pictures, though)

have a happy thursday and thanks for stopping by!

4 תגובות:

אנונימי אמר/ה...

סוף שבוע מקסים בלונדי ;)

אנונימי אמר/ה...

סוף שבוע מקסים בלונדי ;)

יוצאת מחוץ למגירה אמר/ה...

המשקפיים מגניבות והתיק מ ה מ ם

lillou אמר/ה...

אנונימי שחרחר אהוב - גם לך!

ענבל - תודה :)
i couldn't agree more


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