\\ the zoo keeper \\

burberry shades, gifted necklace, h&m top,
vintage purse and belt, zara jeans, idit rings, gifted earrings,
bangles from castro (from a previous season) and pull&bear
bluemarine heels (seen here), mac lipstic

this week has been an extra hectic one
i'm not even sure why
maybe it was because i went back to school
after the too-short passover vacation
maybe it was something else
i'm not quite sure 

what i am sure of is
that summer is right around the corner
and i really missed it
(words that i'm bound to regret saying,
when the temperature will rise
and the humidity will increase)

but in the meanwhile
i really enjoy the fact that i forgot
to take a jacket when i went for dinner
and i wasn't chilly

sleeping with a down blanket
and the window open
(it's still not too hot for spooning, yay!)

the smell of citrus blossom
and the site of almond trees blossoming too
(and soon, the frangipani trees will join them in all their glory)

and regardless - i enjoy wearing my favorite new pair
of mismatched earrings
that i got from my amazing friends, gan and poly
for my birthday last month
(thank you ladies!!)

 have a happy thursday!


מרג'ורי מורנינגסטאר אמר/ה...

הזוג התואם-לא תואם האהוב עליי הוא של אקדח וקליע, אבל אלה לא פחות מקסימים.

יפה לך עם מכנסיים, גם אם את ממעטת ללכת עם כאלה..

*Maja* אמר/ה...

לילוש המקסימה במיטבה, החולצה מקסימה ממש וכל הפוסט ממש נעים ואביבי..נשיקות!


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