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as i promised a few days ago
i'm posting about my hand made vintage library
that was planned by my architect grandfather
some 50+ years ago

right unit

for a while i actually wanted to get a new shelf unit
instead of this one
since i don't own quite enough books to fill it
and i also wanted to show off beloved items

middle unit

(but since i had only seen how my grandparents used it
and displayed things on it,
i had a very specific - and no offense - quite old - image in mind)

left unit

but then i saw how my lovely friend sharon
(the same sharon who hosted the sales with me)
arranged her shelf units
and the results are right here!

bottles from urban outfitters 

teddy from shoonra tlv

i absolutely love shoonra, i go there every chance i get!
i got this teddy for about 10 shekel (which is about $3)
i'm planning on painting it or drawing on it someday

chinese mini drum

i love the smell of old books

donkey from a toy store in south tel aviv

it gives a very unexpected modern and young twist to the old library
and a spot of bright color to the entire living room
and it cost only about 40 shekel ($13)
totally worth it!

design books mainly from hamidgdalor (the lighthouse)
nesting doll book-holder / door-stopper from shoonra

hamigdalor is absolutely an amazing place
i first stumbled in this shop about a year ago
and i keep coming back
thanks to their great variety of books
(i concentrate mainly on design etc, but they have so much more)
and also thanks to the amazing staff of workers they have there

mini golden plastic frames - soho tlv

in these frames are the new (jewish) year's resolutions
jesse and i made for this year

 left sypholux soda maker used to belong to my grandparents
fan from the jaffa flea market
right sypholux from my mom

cat book-holder / door-stopper from shoonra

these are my cookbooks
a few of them are old, a few are new
there's one that's only vegan
and one that is dedicated solely to potatoes

books from my trip to nyc and from hamigdalor
bird whistles from a trip to zichron yaakov, a  gorgeous city north from tel aviv

i got the book on the left for jesse in nyc
it's hilarious
and than i heard that a new one came out
and i had to get it for him as well
as a very (very) belated birthday gift
it's every bit as funny as the first one
if not more :)

merry-go-round from the dizengoff square flea market

canon - jesse got it as a kid

as you may have noticed - i love placing some of the books standing up
and some of them laying down
and i also like putting different items on the stacks of books
just to make it extra interesting and fun.
it's a great way to display nicknacks!

vintage phone - eshet chayil (wonder woman) vintage tlv
steel iron -  from mom
mannequin - ikea
design booklet - hamigdalor

yet another one of my displays of old and new
and mainly - of color combinations
i spray-painted this mannequin in gold
which makes it look so much more chic now :)

coca cola car - from nyc

i got this car / tin box about 15 years ago
on our family trip to the usa
it now contains a collection of old coins

design books - nyc, gifts i got from friends and family
steel iron -  from mom

an interesting way to hold your books;
use a heavy item that you want to put on display

donkey book-holder / door-stopper - shoonra

these book holders are adorable
i fell in love with them
unfortunately for me they only had 3 at the store
(and i got all of them!)
i would have loved to have some more...

nesting doll - i got as a child (i have no recollection whom from)
bowls - a birthday gift i got from my bosses

another mix between old and new
wood and plastic
and mainly - a mix of colors to light up the area

children's' books - from various stores and gift-givers through the years
steel iron - from mom

i love children's books
many of these were mine (or my brother's) as a child
some i bought at used books stores

3d cat postcard - from sharon

what is there to say about this other than "meow"? :))

our harry potter series - part hebrew, part english

bears - from a small store in tel aviv (i can't remember its name)
iron key - from hungary (thank you sharoni!)
vintage rubber stamps set - from my father in law (thank you jj!)

old poetry books - mom, used books stores
miniature sewing machine - ukraine flea market

this sewing machine cost me a ridiculous price of 1.5 shekel (less then $1!)
which goes to show that flea markets are awesome
and that you just need to open your eyes
and look for the next great find

humpty dumpty doll - vintage toy store in tel aviv

design books - hamigdalor
horse-head bottle-opener - the jaffa flea market

as i said before - i love placing items on stacks of books 
and i love how these design / lifestyle books
look as they lay on the shelves, so tiny
and colorful and nice
(and they're fun to flip through, as well)

i hope you had fun in this virtual visit to our home
(to be continued...)
have a great week!

5 תגובות:

urban girl אמר/ה...

So so lovely!!! :) Love the colors, the dolls, the books and the fantasy vibe!!

lillou אמר/ה...

sivan - thank you :)))
i'm so happy i made the transition from hating this old library to absolutely *loving* it!

*Maja* אמר/ה...

טוב לילוש הפוסט הזה פשוט מקסים!!

מחכה לראות סיור מודרך בדירתו של הזוג הצעיר במהרה בימינו...:)

lillou אמר/ה...

מאיה דארלינג
קודם כל - גם אני אשמח עד מאוד :)
וחוצמזה - איך יש לך זמן בשמונה בבוקר לקרוא בלוגים?
הלוואי עליי!

superfischer אמר/ה...

so so so cool ! i love it !!


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