\\ if i were a rich girl \\

cala dress, zara jacket, castro brooch, necklace made by me,
vintage ray ban shades, gifted vintage belt and purse,
h&m cuffs, asos double rings, aldo heels

today was such a nice day
so jesse and i decided to get out of the house
and go with swarley for lunch and a study session
(i have a huge art history exam next week)
in tel aviv

these past few weeks have been a little hard
even though i haven't had classes or homework
i've had so much to do
being a grownup is hard
and i sometimes want to just go back in time
and stay young and carefree 

but....then there's life
and there are days like today
to remind me that not everything is hard
and that i'm surrounded by the best people
(and pets)
in the whole wide world
(if you think i'm talking about you,
you're probably right)

also - last weekend was my sale
which was really great
i met some beautiful people
and found loving homes for many of my items

i'm currently working on making an etsy
(or something similar) store
so that even those of you who couldn't make it to the sale
can get your desired items
coming soon! 

and until then
enjoy with us in the afternoon sun


3 תגובות:

poly אמר/ה...

ישר נזכרתי בשיר הזה כשראתי את הפוסט

סתם שיר יפה!
ואת מעלפת!!!

*Maja* אמר/ה...

איזה יופי של תמונות לילו! סווארלי מאוד פוטוגנית! :))

Clothes on Trees אמר/ה...

את מקסימה ודומה למישל וויליאמס :)


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