\\ this saturday \\

hi everyone!
this saturday night
i'm going to the first ever
saloona bloggers fashion exchange party!
saloona is an online women's magazine
and they were sweet enough to invite me!
they have already presented me
about israeli fashion bloggers
(which for some reason
i neglected to publish here)
and they have decided to invite me
as one of the lucky few!
they published this week

next week i will tell you all about the party
pictures included
and "purchases" modeled :)

i would like to apologize to the non-hebrew speakers and readers
for not translating the articles into english
i simply don't have the time right now
with all the workload i have from school...


תגובה 1:

*Maja* אמר/ה...

הו הקנאה! :) תהני המון


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