\\ go \\ tiger \\

vintage ray ban shades, asos dress,
gifted vintage belt, castro statement necklace (seen here),
asos and idit rings
gifted vintage bag, shellys london heels 

it rained pretty hard today
(well, after i took the pictures, anyway)
it finally feels like winter
i love the smell of rain
and it's also swarley's first winter!
she'll be 1 year old this month...

i didn't use to have any brown items in my wardrobe
but this season i'm warming up to this concept
but it has to be done my way
(meaning - lot's of prints, girly shapes,
lot's of bling & color and high high heels)

this purse used to belong to my mom
she gave it to me for the start of my first school year in college
(thank you mom!)

it's been a really hard, fun, funny, exhausting, exciting,
fascinating, challenging and inspiring first week in school
i met some amazing people
 and so far, aside from an aching back
i'm really enjoying every second of it

one of the assignments we got
was to explore all the functions of our cameras
i played with mine
and took this awesome picture of my beloved swarley

she's so frickin' adorable

and how about my latest purchase?
my shoeless-three-months have ended
and these were the lucky chosen ones!
they're surprisingly comfy
and they're soooo beautiful! 

have a happy friday!


4 תגובות:

*Maja* אמר/ה...

וואו אחלה נעליים! מי ייתן ויהיה לנו תמיד זמן לעדכן את הבלוג תוך כדי הלימודים המפרכים שלנו..נשיקות


Dreed*Tea אמר/ה...

Your Swarly is almost as cute as my Mookie! JJ..cute outfit and P.S. your article you wrote for us made it into IFB's links a la mode !!! we are waiting for your next installment!

photo.fashion.passion - בלוג אופנה ישראלי אמר/ה...

אני מתה על מנומר, אווטפיט מעולה. מגניבות המשקפיים שלך!

lillou אמר/ה...

תודה תודה :)
אני עוברת עכשיו על כל הבלוג המדליק שלך!
נעים להכיר אותו!


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