\\ last days of sun \\ welcome home dear friend \\

ray ban sunnies, topshop kimono (borrowed), asos top (seen here),
cheap monday jeans bought at lucky no. 2 (seen here),
gifted vintage belt, gifted bag from berlin, just a second vintage heels

a couple of days ago
jesse, swarley and i went to the tel aviv port
the weather was perfect
just the right cool-warm temperature
a nice breeze
no humidity
cheerful people and the crashing of the waves
i couldn't ask for more

jesse shows swarley the effect of waves
splashing against the port's wall

swarley wasn't too happy about it at first
but we're getting there... :)

in the meanwhile
i was admiring the infinite power of nature 

and i also struck a pose or two

these babies are probably the highest set of heels
in my current wardrobe
(here's to many many more! you heard me, jesse...!) 

my bosses bought me this bag in berlin
on one of their trips
i love the woman-cat image that's hand-painted on it 

we also noticed this h&m poster
on one of the walls
someone covered filippa hamilton with a ton of "bandages"
i thought it was funny


i love this kimono
it's super light, super girly
and it's a perfect addition to any "jeans and a t-shirt" outfit
unfortunately, the friend who let me borrow it
remembered i still have it
and asked to get it back
dammit :)

this post is dedicated to gilad shalit
who is finally home
and just like my swarley
now gets all the hugs in the world from his mother
gilad, i'm so glad you're back!!!
the 18th of october was for sure one of the best days of my life! 



sefi אמר/ה...

את גורמת לנמל להראות רומנטי ומגניב. נשמע הכי משפט קלישאתי, אבל עדיין :)
אהבתי את הקימונו, הנעליים והכלב!

lillou אמר/ה...

משתדלת להוציא את המיטב מדברים :)
שמחה שאהבת


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