\\ shop-shoo-bop! \\

these are some pictures of my closet
they were taken a few months ago
since then, i took about half of the clothes and shoes out
and i'm about to sell them
either because they're too big (yay!)
or because i don't wear them so much

i think i have all the basic essentials for a stylish wardrobe
so i decided to try and not shop for clothes, accessories or anything
for a while
and try and make the most of what i already own
it's both economical, ecological, and simply logical
and although i'm addicted to clothes and shopping
(well, at least a bit. oh, who am i kidding, i'm a super addict)
i think i can do this
and even come up with some cool looks

one thing's for sure - my love will love me even more
for making this decision
what i wouldn't do for love...

and here, just for kicks, is my all time favorite shopping scene from a movie
 and a hilarious video that made my love say the word shoes more times than me

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