\\ hello \\ goodbye \\

ray ban wayfarers, gifted earrings, american apparel top,
shelly dahari necklace from lucky number 2, flea market bronze ring,
asos golden rings and watch, topshop pants,
gifted zara bag, bluemarine heels

i miss the winter. the israeli winter, that is
which, granted, doesn't exactly fall under the definition of winter
but is for sure better than the heatwave
we have to deal with now

today's outfit is my little ode to winter
lot's of blacks, whites and browns
a breezy chiffon shirt
that is barely noticable on my skin and is perfect for summer
light skinny jeans
and my new favorite heels

i want to say goodbye and good riddance to summer
but instead, im going to say goodbye to something else to day
to be continued...

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