\\ the dog days \\

topshop dress, zara heels, castro earrings (old),
beacon's closet purse (also seen here),
idit gold rings (the peacock ring belongs to my best friend)

last night my love and i "went" on a date
we got take out
went for a walk with the swarls
came back home
and watched a chick flick

i didn't want us to sit at home with our pajamas
because this date was our "tu be-av" (the jewish valentines day) date
(two days early, since on monday we can't)
so we dressed up nicely
and even though we were just having dinner and watching a silly movie at home
it was special
and i had an amazing evening


i shmove you the most, my one and only

תגובה 1:

אנונימי אמר/ה...

הבלוג שלך ממש חמוד מרענן וכיפי! היתי מציע להשתמש בתמונות בעלות איכות יותר גבוהה


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