\\ there's no place like \\ home! \\

until about a year ago
i didn't feel quite at home in my apartment
so after waiting for way (way!) too long
i decided to paint the walls and start fresh
add a personal lillou-esque touch everywhere
and make it feel like home for my love and me
as well as for my friends who come over

vintage inspired tin painting from a store in Nachlat Benyamin above our bed

a card i got from my best friend, which is desplayed in our bedroom

the lovely lola 
also - we try to have fresh flowers at home all the time
(we found out that even the cheapest ones make all the difference in the world
and light up a room)

the library - which contains not only books, but our collections
such as my nesting dolls, cd's and much much more

since i love to cook and we spend a lot of time in the kitchen
i like it to feel homey and warm
i like these jars - they make the kitchen feel like
an rustic italian kitchen in the middle of israel

i found this bunny in an arts supply store and fell in love with it
so now, whenever i want to take a shower
it's handing me a flower 

we personalized our fridge with magnets - easy and not expansive
and we leave little messages to one another every couple of days

3 תגובות:

אנונימי אמר/ה...

What a lovely home it is

lillou אמר/ה...

Thank you so much :)

FicusTree אמר/ה...

Lovely and warm :)


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