\\ shoes of the world, unite! \\ post # 13 \\

ray ban wayfarers, h&m tee, guy gill necklace (also seen here), 
club monaco skirt, vintage belt, rocket dog shoes (seen in their other version here)

last week, we visited Mizpe Hila, up north
in between all the trees, the dirt roads, and the pleasant breeze
i suddenly realized - it's clean
my feet weren't becoming black
there's no dust
but it's far far away. it's not home

back in my city, 
there is soot everywhere
i'm on a constant chase after the dust 
that is making itself at home in my home
but there is a kind of magic in the streets

today i chose to accentuate that magic by accentuating one very colorful item
my brand new necklace

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