\\ raise the anchor \\

cat-eye shades from ebay, ruby star sail-boat necklace,
gold colored necklace from the market, bershka top,
zara bag and skirt, gifted vintage belt, castro heels

as a fifties girl, i couldn't be happier about the cat-eye shades trend
that has been going strong recently
since now i can find them everywhere for just a few $
i particularly love these shades
(which are actually my mom's. i got them in scarlet red)

i also love-love-love the summery sailor trend, which is back every year
i love the beach, i love scuba-diving, i love the sound of waves
and i love this sailboat necklace i got three years ago

and as you know, i love-love-love polka dots
so the combination of this blue-white skirt with the vintage sailor-esque belt
the summery heels with their gentle stripes
and of course, my seagulls tattoo (which is probably my favorite one)
was simply waiting to happen

so now, all that's left to do is
hop to the nearest beach
apply some sunscreen
put on some good songs on my ipod
and take the plunge

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