\\ phoenix \\

vintage ray ban wayfarers, asos top, watch, snake ring and green ring,
urban outfitters animal rings, gifted vintage belt and purse,
gifted club monaco skirt, mac lipstick, castro heels

today was both my death day and my renaissance day
it was surprisingly pleasant
i spent it with my love, my mother, my pets and myself
a while back, someone asked me
"which animal describes you best?"
i thought for a few moments
and told him
it fits perfectly

black just goes with everything
and with every mood
it can always look festive
there was a time that the only (non) color in my closet
was black
as you may have noticed, i'm more into bold colors now
but every once in a while

the necklace that i wore today
has an old token and a heart
the token is to remind me off all the breakthroughs
that i had in recent years
and the heart (which i got from my grandmother)
is to remind me of what's important
it's only fitting that i'd wear them today

and a first in this blog
a picture of me without my shades
no more walls

this post is dedicated to the one and only
ms. amy winehouse
may she rest in peace
and make some good music high above

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